Monday, August 1, 2011

Alternative to MAC Eyebrow Pencil - Spiked

I am always on a hunt for a good bargain!  Who isn't these days!

I was using the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked and really liked it.  I just finished it last week.  Since I'm currently doing P10P and can't buy anything, I figured I would try the Almay Defining Brow Pencil I purchased before I started P10P.

I've been using it since last week and guess what??  I love it!  It works great and it costs a few bucks less than the MAC Eyebrow Pencil.  Let's do a comparison, shall we??

MAC Eyebrow Pencil
The MAC pencil retails for $15 for 0.09g/0.003oz and there are six different shades available on the MAC website:  Fling, Lingering, Strut, Stud, Spiked and Velvetone.  It's definitely a good range of colors.  The pencil does not require any kind of sharpening.  Just twist and you're ready to go.

Almay Brow Defining Pencil
Since Almay is a drugstore brand, the price will vary depending on which drugstore your purchase from and your area.  Based on my online research, the price looks like it could run from $6.00-$8.00??? I believe mine was $6.99.  You get 0.08g/0.0028oz and there are two shades available from what I can tell:  Brunette and Dark Blonde.  The pencil mechanism is the same as the MAC pencil - no sharpener needed.  You just twist and it's ready for use.  One difference I found is that this pencil has a little spoolie brush which definitely comes in handy.

Overall, I think both pencils work exactly the same. The both apply the same; the color stays on the brows, etc.,  but I will stick with the Almay pencil!  It worked great for me as the Brunette shade is a great match; it costs several dollars less than the MAC pencil and really, the MAC pencil only gives you a little bit more product.  Not worth it for another $8! I could buy a whole 'nother  pencil with the $8 I save.

Let me know if any of you ladies try this pencil out!  I know there is another drugstore pencil out there that is very similar, but I will no longer purchase because the company does animal testing! Boo!!


DaphYin said...

Nice alternative! Never tried any of them but I'm ready to opt for the drugstore one :) at least that one my pocket can reach...

Unknown said...

I'm definitely adding this to my wishlist, I love a good MAC dupe post.