Sunday, October 17, 2010

FOTD - Cult of Cherry Tempting Quad

Hola Chicas!

Just wanted to share yesterday's look with you.  I pulled out another oldie but goodie...the MAC Cult of Cherry -Tempting Quad.  It had been forever since I last used it.  Hope you like it!!

I didn't get any good full face shots!  Boo!!!


  • Tarte Clean Slate Primer
  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
  • Lancome Dual Finish Powder (Product I will no longer purchase since Lancome tests on animals)
  • Cinema Secrets Blush - Adobe
  • Sugar Tropic Tan Bronzer
  • Maybeline Define A Brow Pencil (Product I will no longer purchase since they test on animals)
  • Benefit FYEye Primer
  • MAC Paintpot - Cult of Cherry Tempting Quad 
    • Sharp - lid and lower lashline over Paint Pot
    • Tempting - above Sharp and crease
    • Dark Edge - outer crease and over Sharp on lower lashline
    • Next To Nothing - Highlight
  • MAC Pharaoh Paint Pot - lower lashline
  • L'oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner - Carbon Black (Product I will no longer purchase since they test on animals)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner - Zero Waterline
  • Rimmel The Max VolumeFlash Mascara (upper lashes) (Product I will no longer purchase since they test on animals)
  • Maybeline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara (Product I will no longer purchase since they test on animals)

Ulta lipliner - Flesh

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review - MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation

It's been awhile ladies.  Sorry for the delay in getting this review out to you.  I've been super busy with work, kids, etc.  Anyway, I'm back with my review of the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation.

Here's the description directly from the MAC Cosmetics website:

A long-wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless. Provides everyday SPF protection.
Retails for US$29.50 for 30ml/1.0 US fl oz.

My Thoughts
I've been using this foundation now for about three weeks and I have to say I REALLY REALLY like it. It works great for my Normal/Oily skin.

The packaging is wonderful. The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump.  Having a pump is great because not only is it more sanitary, but it allows you to use the amount of product you actually need versus pouring out what you think you might need only to find that you poured too much and now you can't get the dang stuff back in the bottle!  What a waste of product!  Holy run on sentence, but you know what I'm talking about!  We've all been there.  HA!! 

Okay so now for the application.  Well, this is where there is a little work involved.  The formula is a little on the dry side and takes a bit of work to blend out.  Also, it dries very quickly, so you have to work as quickly as possible to blend. Perhaps spraying a little MAC Fix Plus might do the trick.  I haven't tried that yet, as I haven't had TOO much trouble.  The coverage is medium to full coverage, depending on your preference.  I find that what works best for me is applying a primer (after moisturizer, of course) and then applying the foundation with a MAC 109 Brush.  I tried the MAC 187 and I felt the application was too difficult.  I also tried applying the foundation with my fingers and didn't like that either. 

Staying Power
Okay, I don't know about 15 hours because I haven't done an official test, but this foundation DOES stay on for a long time (8-10 Hours) and works great for oily skin.  Well, at least for my normal/oily skin.  I normally have to blot several times a day and apply powder, but with this foundation, I blot maybe twice (if that) and there is not much oil.  As a result, I don't even apply powder after blotting.  This foundation delivers great results!!

I give this foundation 5 handbags!!  HA!!  I think it's great and provides perfect coverage for me.  I will definitely purchase this foundation again.  I do not recommend this to someone who has dry skin.  I think it will only accentuate the dryness of your skin.  I do, however, recommend this to those who have normal, oily and normal/oily skin.

If I had to compare it to another foundation, I would have to say that it reminds me a lot of Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  The formulas are both on the dry side, although MAC Pro Longwear is A LOT drier.  Both foundations require that you work quickly with blending and both give long lasting coverage. 

Two of the major differences are price and smell.   While MAC Pro Longwear retails for $29.50, Revlon Colorstay retails approximately between $10.00 and $12.99, depending on where you go.  As for the smell, Revlon Colorstay smells like paint while MAC Pro Longwear doesn't have a strong odor.  In fact, I don't notice any particular smell with this foundation. 

I hope this review has been helpful.  Let me know if you've tried MAC Pro Longwear and what you think of it.  I would love to hear from you guys!!