Monday, August 29, 2011

MAC Eyeshadows - Blue Palette and Swatches

Hey everyone!!

Recently I was looking through the MAC website and noticed that the swatches for eyeshadows are not very good! I don't believe MAC has ever done a good job of showing "accurate" swatches on their site, so as a result, I thought I would share swatches of my MAC eyeshadows with all of you.  Hopefully you will find this helpful.

I plan on swatching all of my MAC shadows.  This may take awhile! Today I am starting with my blue/teal palette.  Some of these are from the permanent line and others are either Limited Edition or Discontinued.  Of course with MAC, you never know!  These so called "Limited Edition" and "Discontinued" shadows may show up in future collections.

Row 1: From Left to Right
  • Deep Truth (Frost)
  • Moon's Reflection (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Prussian (Matte2 - Discontinued)
  • Tilt (Frost)
  • Submarine (Frost - Limited Edition)

Row 2: From Left to Right
  • Star By Night (Starflash - Limited Edition)
  • Plumage (Matte)
  • Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Parrot (Frost - Limited Edition)
  • Electric Eel (Satin)

Row 3: From Left to Right
  • Talent Pool (Starflash - Limited Edition)
  • Clarity (Matte2 - Discontinued)
  • Shimmermoss (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Aquadisiac (Lustre)
  • Newly Minted (Matte - Discontinued)

After doing all of these swatches, I many of these colors look similar/the same! I'm such a sucker for MAC. HA!

Next up is my purple palette...


Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

I have never seen so many blue shadows in my life!

PopBlush said...

What a wonderful collection of blues! I like Clarity!

Meredith Jessica said...

I want one of these in every single color of the rainbow. No joke. This is amazing!

Charlee said...

Wow, so many blues but so different :) Lovely post :)


Anonymous said...

Those colors are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have to have
I love blue eye shadows

Miss L said...

So many different blues. Great swatches! Thanks!