Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Guys Really Think Of Your Makeup

I read an interesting article on yesterday.  The title was "What Guys Think Of Your Makeup." 

Here is the link:  Beauty Riot

So without giving away any of the "juicy" details, I'll just say that it's very interesting. 

Directly from the article:

We polled more than 50 guys to see what their honest, no-holding-anything-back opinions were on popular makeup looks. Everything from red lips to smoky eyes and even the "no makeup" makeup look.

I'm curious as to what you all think about this article.  Take a peek at let me know in the comments.


icosmeticRN said...

haha Jackee...some of those omments honestly made my blood boil!! LOL...From my understanding the guys at work and even my own BF is that men don't really care nor really notice a woman's makeup..we have lots of talk about this at work and they all say they could care less. I think when these men were forced to look at these diff makeup looks and comment..thats what they came up with...I bet they could care less as well..I am mean come on they like the bronze look, when the eye was darker, but they don't like a darker eye..they don't know what they are talking about and just had to say something! ok, ok, I think my rant is over....

icosmeticRN said...

BTW I wrote this back on my blog too..but idk if ppl check back to see if I comment back (probably NOT LOL) BUT I wrote this about school:
Jackee-You sooo should go back to be vet tech..I see on your blog how you love animals so much..I bet it would make you so happy!! Maybe when your boys get older it is something you should really consider..I know how it feels to be stuck in a job you do not really makes yous days go by slow and it just not enjoyable...thanks for comment hun!!

Jackee said...

On the makeup and I felt the same way. I thought the responses from the guys were absolutely ridiculous! My response to this....another indication that most men have no clue! LOL

About school...thanks girl! I would so love to do something different and become a vet tech. I know they don't make as much money, but working with animals would be enough for me. I don't care about having a lot of money as long as my bills are paid and my family is taken care of.

Thanks so much for the encouragement!!!!

brightshimmer8 said...

WOW! im gonna go read that right away! :)
Please feel free to check out my blog :)


Story of a Girl said...

It probably depends on the guy. I've seen guys that are attracted to girls whowear lots of makeup...even if it is caked on. And I've heard when guys say they like less makeup. but i imagine there's guys in between that spectrum too. I don't think they precisely favor a bronzy look, etc. I like the comment they made at the end though... that was good :)

Teresa L. Ellis said...

wow. that is crazy... great post btw.

i will defo be back to see what you come up with! Consider me a follower:)

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