Monday, July 18, 2011

It's about time...for Project 10 Pan!!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I was pretty busy with my family! My 13 year old had her tonsils removed last Thursday so my husband and I have been taking care of her.  Poor baby! Popsicles and Ice Cream are great, but it's already getting old and she is ready to start eating real meals.  She's been trying to eat soft foods, but is still having a difficult time swallowing any foods.  Hopefully she will be feeling much better within the next few days!

On to my post now...Ahhh! Yes, the infamous Project 10 Pan Program that many beauty addicts turn to as their rehab program!  HA!  Just in case you don't know what this program is, here is the general idea of the program:  You can't make any makeup purchases until you've "Hit Pan" (completely used up at least 10 makeup products)!! I posted about this back in November of 2009.  I started the program, and did have some success, but I kinda cheated a little, so this time I am taking it seriously.  No shortcuts!!

So what prompted this?  Well, I've been doing some cleaning and reorganizing the last couple of weeks and through the process, I've determined that I just have ridiculous amounts of makeup.  It's a little embarrassing honestly.  I have a good job and the bills are always paid; the kids and home are always taken care of, so I know that I should treat myself from time to time, but this is just too much!  I finished reorganizing last night and thought, "Good God!!  I have enough crap to last a few lifetimes and I'm not even a Makeup Artist (although I'd love to be)!"  As a result, I am going into Makeup Rehab AKA Project 10 Pan

I know this is going to be hard for me, but it HAS to be done.  I should really be focusing on the items I have.  I mean, how many more freakin' shades of purple (or any other color) eyeshadow can there possibly be out there!? I'm sure I already have them all!  Geez!

So with that said, I have officially checked into rehab and will be keeping you all posted on the ups and downs! I know there are new collections, new products, etc., that will be coming up in the fall, but I have to remember that there will ALWAYS be new collections, products, etc.!  If I miss something, chances are that same item will probably be re-released in a different package or perhaps something even better will be released at some point in time when I am released from Makeup Rehab! 

Wish Me Luck!!

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  1. Bare Minerals Foundation- 7/19/11
  2. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked - 7/26/11
  3. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Black/Brown - 7/26/11
  4. Stila Illuminating Foundation in 50 Watts - 7/28/11
  5. L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara - 8/16/2011
  6. L'oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner - 9/10/11
  7. Almay Brow Pencil - 9/14/2011
  8. YSL Foundation - 9/20/2011


Melanie said...

Sounds like a good idea! I don't really have enough makeup products for this to be beneficial, but I am planning a no-buy next month because I'm buying too many products in general! (skincare and the like) haha

I have given your blog some awards =)

Meredith Jessica said...

I know I should probably do this ... I have over 600 eyeshadows ... but, I'm just not as strong as you!

Best of luck!

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

Good luck! Why not show us your collection!

Jackee said...

@Melanie Good luck if you decide to give it a shot. Thanks so much for the awards! I'll be visiting your blog to see what they are!! I love awards!

@Meredith Jessica Thank you! I don't know that I'm strong! HA! We'll see how long I can take it!!

@Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera Thank you! I might do a collection post soon!

Shelley said...

Ciao Bella,

Sounds like a really great idea!! I have never done a Project 10 Pan before...
I really like your blog, its very nice.
I'm a new follower, I hope that you don't mind.
I'd like it if you followed me back...
Wishing you a really wonderful day!!
Lots of Hugs & Kisses,

Sara.H said...

That's a great idea and good luck. I should give this a try too.

nana said...

Good good good luck! Iv tried doing this before.. i think a project 5 pan was more of what i achieved.

Katie said...

Good luck...I've NEVER been successful at a project 10 pan. That's why I'm trying this 2 week challenge that I came up with. It's kinda helping me realize what I have in my collection and that the things I want I don't really need because I have something similar to it in my collection already!!

Jackee said...

@Katie Yeah, your idea is great! I'd really like to combine the two ideas. Maybe I'll do a post on it soon! I'll add it to my list of posts I'd like to do.

CAROUSEL said...

I stumbled into your interesting blog while I was in twitter. I saw your eye make-up wow awesome. Anyways I barely wear any makeup coz when I put foundation my skin just flakes up. What do you think of bare minerals do they really cover well. Love your pan 10 project.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I saw this link at Make Up Geek forum. I've just started project pan (again). I was doing it before, I finished and started buying make up again, but now, I have a lot of debts to pay and doing project pan will help me to pay faster...