Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School and Deal of the Day

Hola chicas!  Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!  I was pretty busy this weekend getting the kids ready for Back to School, hence the lack of posts! My two oldest started 7th and 3rd grade today, and my little guy started his new Pre-K class.  I hope they all have a great day!  I'll be excited to hear about their day later on when I get home.

Speaking of home, I will be so ready for a nap when I get home.  I was up at 5:30 am and I am so not a morning person!  UGH!  It's only 9:24am now and I feel like I've already had a full day at work!  Is it quitting time yet?  Lunch time?  Any kinda break? Please?

On to beauty news...here is today's Deal of the Day.  I will be back later to do today's FOTD.  I did a soft smokey eye using ELF products.  I wanted to post my FOTD this morning, but couldn't find my camera.  It's probably because I was still too sleepy when I was looking for it!!  HA! 

Ooh, and I also want to share my prize from Flirt Cosmetics!! 

Talk to you soon!


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