Monday, August 16, 2010

New Kids on the Block Cruise - May 2011

I know this is totally not beauty related, but oh well.  I have to share with you guys anyway!

Oh my goodness.  I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas with New Kids on the Block in May 2011!!!! Well, not just the band and me....I have to share the man band with about 2,000 other fans, but OMG!  I am so excited!  Yes, I am a total dork! 

Just so you know...getting on this cruise can be really difficult.  Believe it or not, the cruise sold out in less than 24 hours three years in a row.  You have to be online and ready to go when tickets go on flies on sh**!!

So...3 friends and I are going to share a cabin on the cruise.  All of us are crazy Blockheads!  We got a balcony cabin with an ocean view and we get preferred seating for all of the events.  Woo hoo!!

Jordan Knight...I am coming for you next May!  LOL!  Woo hoo!! 

Check out my main squueze and me below!  HA!!  In case you don't know who Jordan Knight is...he's the hottie in the red shirt in the middle.  I'm the chick who is hanging on to him on his right!  HA!

My husband thinks I am a total nerd, but I'm just having a good time. I am reliving my young teen years!  Leave me alone! 
Windor, Ontario
June 12, 2010


Renee said...

congats!!!! it's so nice to read such post and it's even more nice of you to share such a genuine joy!

ANNA DE LEON said...

omg!!! you met jordan knight!!!! I lurve him! hangin tough days :)

Elmira Loftin, Stress-pert/CMT said...

There is nothing wrong with reliving your teen years. It is so much fun. Plus, you are blessed to be in that number on the cruise in May. I know that you will have a blast! By the way, I feel the same way about Boyz II Men and New Edition.

Jackee said...

@Renee Thank you. I am really excited. It's nice to get away and just be me...instead of being a wife and mom! I love those things too, but mommy needs a break sometimes!

Jackee said...

@Anna De Leon Oh young teenage crush that has moved into my adulthood crush! LOL!!

I met him a few times and he has always been very nice!

Jackee said...

@Elmira Thanks girl! I love New Edition and Boyz II Men too. I wish New Edition would reunite...Bobby needs to get his act together! LOL!