Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Pretty Pink Box

Hi guys. I wanted to share what I got in the mail last week. My Pretty Pink Box full of goodies!!! Well, really, the box was BLUE, but that's okay. It was still pretty and was still full of goodies. HA!! Oh, and I purchased this box myself. The total cost was $12.99 and here is what I received:

I thought it was supposed to be pink? 

Here are all the goodies!

Mineral Eyeshadow Samples from
Full Size Jesse's Girl Eyeshadow    

Mineral Eyeshadow Samples from Sweet Libertine Cosmetics
Skincare Samples from DermaPro Skin Care
Scent Sample from Cherry City
Acne Buster Sample from Dr. Dima's Cosminology
In case you're wondering...So what is My Pretty Pink Box?

Directly from the website...Pretty Pink Box:

My Pretty Pink Box is a pretty, little box filled with beauty samples! This gives shoppers a chance to try girly products from a number of wonderful companies. Enjoy samples, products, and special discounts from our awesome retailers and e-tailers! Each box contains handpicked beauty items from both up & coming and well known brands. Plus, it is a great way to spoil yourself rotten - Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Not only will you receive great samples, but we are determined to provide at least 1 to 2 full size products each month. Many times, each box has more! Nothing is better than full size products at sample pricing!

My Pretty Pink Box varies in pricing from month to month, and will be announced a few days before each release. Why does it vary? Because monthly contents vary. Each month, different retailers will contribute to the box causing the flux in pricing. It's not fair to charge you the same price per month when the contents of one box can be greater than the contents of another. We want you to be happy and will charge accordingly.

The retailers/e-tailers will be announced prior to the boxes' release.

I think this concept is excellent and I am so excited that I learned about  My Pretty Pink Box.  I've known about them for quite some time, but finally purchased a box this month.  Going forward I will be purchasing a box each month.  It's the perfect opportunity to test out some new products at a reasonable price.

I am so excited to play with my goodies!  Please let me know if there is anything you'd like me to review.  I will more than likely use the mineral shadows for an FOTD this weekend.

Hope you all eheck out My Pretty Pink Box sometime...


Curves ahead makeup said...

great samples I love samples how much was this little "blue" pink box

New follow hope you can follow me too

Renee said...

hmm... interesting, never heard of it before
I like that the pink box turned out to be a blue one - surprises at every step :)
Please, review mineral e/s if you get a chance

Jackee said...

@Curves ahead makeup The box was $12.99. Not too bad! I will definitely follow your blog. Thanks so much for following mine. Much appreciated!!

@Renee My daughter and I giggled when I opened the box and it was blue! I'll definitely review the mineral shadows this weekend!

icosmeticRN said...

YES! I have known about them for a while too!! I always look at the site and almost pay for it and go naaahhh..I'll do it another time..LOL..u got some great stuff!! maybe now that I blog, it will be worth getting because I can share my goodies. Thanks for showing us what u is so much fun to see other peoples goodies!! :)