Monday, August 30, 2010

Flirt Cosmetics It Girl of the Week Winner

Hey ladies.  Happy Monday!  I have some exciting news to share with you guys! 

I was chosen as Flirt Cosmetics It Girl of the Week on Twitter and I am SUPER HAPPY!  I never win anything that is makeup related.  The prize for this contest is $75 worth of Flirt Cosmetics.  I will be receiving a mascara and 5 lipglosses!  It should be on it's way to me now!  YAY! 

I am now entered to become the It Girl of the Month and if I win, I will receive $250 worth of Flirt Cosmetics!  This is really great!

In order to enter I had to submit a picture of one of my looks to @FlirtItGirl on Twitter.  Here is a link to the pic that won.---------> Red Lips!  Each week someone is selected as a winner.  If you are a weekly winner and would like to be considered for the monthly giveaway, you have to agree to tweet about your weekly win at least 3 times each week. 

You ladies can enter as well!  Click on the link for more information!  Flirt It Girl Contest

Good luck!!


icosmeticRN said...

yay!! congrats!! that look is gorgeous and deserve to win..can 't wait to see ur new flirt girl stuff!

Megan said...

Congrats! I love Flirt Cosmetics. I know you'll enjoy it when it comes in the mail!